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The Math Kids: An adventure series for 3rd-6th graders

The Prime-Time Burglars


A Sequence of Events


An Unusual Pattern


The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars


Jordan and Justin are best friends and the only two kids in their class’s advanced math group. So it isn’t until Stephanie Lewis marches into their classroom that they meet someone who’s as good with numbers as they are. Their shared interest in math quickly draws them together, and the three soon form The Math Kids.

Unfortunately, life as math club kids isn’t always easy. In addition to extra homework, the three friends have two new problems. First, a string of mysterious burglaries has the whole neighborhood on edge, including their parents. Then, they manage to earn unwanted attention from Robbie, the class bully. Luckily, Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie soon learn that their new club may give them the skills they need to solve both problems.

What reviewers said about The Prime-Time Burglars

Danielle U, Reviewer

I was completely swept into the tale. Intrigue, mystery, and the troubles that followed kept me reading. This was a fun way to teach math. I loved the book's layout and organized ways. Overall, this is a must read for all

Heidi W, Reviewer

If you have 6-9 year old kids who don't like math but enjoy reading, this book is for you. The math is perfect for this age group and can help younger kids learn advanced math ideas. It is a wonderful read for everyone in the family.

Red Tricycle

The Prime-Time Burglars was named one of the best new kids books of 2018 by Red Tricycle (

5-star review with a Highly Recommended on CM reviews


As a teacher, I have heard so many times that math isn’t fun. Many students can’t foresee what good it will ever be in their daily lives. Well, The Math Kids is a novel that will help readers see its value. The three characters learn that a math problem does not necessarily have just one solution and that there is often more than one way to solve a math problem.

Math Professor at the University of Victoria, B.C.

This is a fun and insightful page-turner that captures the pleasure of discussing math and solving real-life math problems as a team.

Bridget P.

The Math Kids was a very fun read! My 12 year old son and I read it together and we both enjoyed it very much. I love that this book took problem solving and social situations and combined them for an enjoyable and educational experience!

The Math Kids: A Sequence of Events


The Math Kids Club is back! After solving the case of the prime-time burglars, The Math Kids, Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie are ready to return to the original purpose of their club: solving math problems. And the district Math Olympics is the perfect opportunity to do just that. But before they can enter the competition, they need a fourth teammate. The Math Kids set their sights on Catherine Duchesne.

Even though Catherine has been quiet in class, she knows some really cool math tricks that are sure to help The Math Kids win the competition. But when Catherine doesn’t show up for school and Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie find out her father’s been kidnapped, the group springs into action to help their new friend.

What reviewers said about A Sequence of Events

Jessica C

 Great book for older elementary school age kids, especially those that enjoy math. This is a fun way to learn some new math concepts intertwined with the story. 

Libby H, Educator

 I love the explanations given for each math problem the children face. The chapter on how math is seen in art is wonderful and this is the best explanation I have ever seen for the Fibonacci sequence. 

Richard L

What I liked especially is the overwhelming joy and wonderment in numbers. The enticing problems are expanded and their solutions explained. I believe this book will appeal to all young people who like adventures. 

Terje O

This really is a math adventure, with lots of math tied into the story. The characters are great and believable, and the prose is just right for this book. Excellent!

Erica W

I wish I could read Math Kids again for the first time. This book was an absolute pleasure to read. Highly recommended for girls who love math, but often feel slighted. They will enjoy the new addition to the Math Kids, as Catherine and Stephanie have a delightful discussion on the issue.
Any kid (or adult) who loves math and logic will find extreme delight in this tale. 

Savanah D

I enjoyed this one just as much as the first, It's such a fun book to read. I love that the author continues to add in little sections telling you to stop if you want to try and figure out the math problem for yourself before reading what the Math Kids do.

This is a great book for kids who don't like math to be exposed to it in a fun way! I would definitely recommend you have your kids/nieces/nephews/grandchildren/etc. read it. 

The Math Kids: An Unusual Pattern


The Math Kids are at it again!  When their new friend, FBI Special Agent Carlson, asks them to take a look at a cryptic poem written by a dying bank robber, they know they will need all of their math skills to crack the case.

The poem isn't their only problem, though.  Their favorite school janitor is fired for stealing from student lockers.  The Math Kids know Old Mike would never do anything like that, but how can they prove it, especially with the new janitor watching their every move?

Jordan, Stephanie, Justin, and Catherine will need math, bravery, and a little bit of luck if they hope to solve the bank robbery case and get Old Mike his job back.  Will they be able to figure out the unusual pattern in time?

The Math Kids: An Unusual Pattern, the third book in David Cole's fast-moving math adventure series, will be available on October 7th!

What reviewers said about An Unusual Pattern

Char U (Educator)

This is a great book that is bound to get children interested in solving problems as if they are anything like me they will want to figure out the clues before the characters! The clues require children to reason with numbers and to think about different kinds of numbers, as well as giving a good introduction to pi. It also includes simple experiments for children to have a go at themselves.

Shelly H

I got this for my son. He just finished 4th grade. He loved this book. He finished it in one day! He immediately asked me if this was part of a series because he wanted to read another one. He was very excited to find out there are two more in the series. We hope there will be more to come!

Terje O

I just love this series, and when I got the next book I had to read it at once. The book is very well written, and as always the plot, story and characters are great. It's also educational in more than just math, and with the illustrations it's perfect. I can't wait for the next one.

Kelly C, Math Coach

I am a math coach for a middle school in Florida.  I also read the other Math Kids books. Again this was a cute, engaging story combining math and literacy. Perfect for middle school kids as well. Great illustrations, math that makes students think, and a story that kids are pulled into.  Highly recommend this for the math classroom or just reading for fun.

Christi M

I rather enjoyed reading this middle grade read. With two mysteries to solve it gave the math kids quite a lot of things to do, but it was never overwhelming or confusing. The kids heart really appears to be invested into solving the case of their favorite school janitor, which really makes you like them even more.

What also interested me was the moral dilemma of how to get a fellow student to confess to something that they had done wrong. They weren’t into completely destroying the individual, but did want to see justice done – and wanted to get janitor Mike back at school. In this day and age where online bullying is far too common, I really appreciated the author showing kids who might read the book a level of empathy and mercy in how fellow students can be treated.

I can definitely recommend this book to middle grade readers and perhaps non middle grade readers who may just want to test their math knowledge a little. Not only does the story contain educational information, but it was an interesting, quick read that all can enjoy.

Aileen G

An interesting way to work out real life problems - use math. People often think the math they learned at school is never used again, but we use it in everyday life, we just word it differently, as the Math kids show.
Loved it

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